Status Update 11/25

Good news – the helmet seems to be popular and becoming more so.
Better news – I prepared for this and had a contingency plan in place to set in action upon my return to LA on Sunday to outsource to some local seamstresses.
I had six already made up that I could ship on Monday. You will know by your shipping notice if I haven’t emailed you already. 
It is my hope that I can have the others cut and sewn within the week and shipped very soon after. So let’s say delivery of the hats ordered up to now through the weekend should be shipping out from LA by end of first week of December. 
I will keep you updated via this blog. 
~ C
OH, and a lot of big headed viking types are emailing me about whether it will fit their girthy Nordic skull dimension. The answer is yes, I believe so, it should accommodate a circumference up to 25 inchesish and even a bit over comfortably. Its stretchy! And my fit models ranged from average 22.5 to 24.5.