The genesis of this venture was this hat.


This was a custom request by a friend. He was going to buy some crappy crochet abomination of an acrylic beard off etsy and I told him I could do better.

So I did.

I knitted this hat from a pattern that I heavily modified. And since this viking battle helmet was like the third thing I have ever knitted in my life, it took awhile – something like 60 hours of knitting to account for a couple false starts, fixing mistakes, learning curve.  A lot of this was knitted while I sat next to the recipient while he was gaming, for the frequent fittings, design requests, and adjustments.

Well, when I knit, I knit to win. So I entered in the Texas State Fair this year and won second place.


I know, I was robbed.

But cool that it was displayed on the bust of Batman, eh?

Anyway, my friends and quite a few strangers wanted one. The gamer crowd particularly liked the vibe. People have been telling me to have it made in China and sell to ski shops, or to do one off custom requests. For starters, knitting by hand takes a lot of time, and knitting by industrial machine lacks detail and workmanship. Plus, I am loathe to outsource outside the US for anything, ever.

So, I made a polar fleece version inspired by Skyrim, thinking that it would appeal to the gamer crowd more then any regular viking helmet. Its just a matter of cutting and sewing, and when the volume becomes too much for me to handle on my own, I already have a few local seamstresses to help out on the assembly. I even found a fabric cutter downtown who uses lasers which frankly beats me having to snip out the eyeholes with my little scissors.

I hope you guys like it!